Barefoot Dance Company
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JAZZ - offered to 1st graders & up in various levels
All classes focus on both classic and current styles of jazz, while keeping emphasis on technique, center, and placement. Classes integrate the fundamentals of ballet for proper technique, while using exciting music and fresh moves. We highly recommend students continue ballet training while taking jazz.
Barefoot Dance Company Classes Offered
We offer a range of classes for all ages.  Our professional, friendly staff offer quality training in everything they do.  We pride ourselves on having an encouraging atmosphere where children can learn and build self confidence.  Our classes are designed to maximize the potential of each student, based on age and ability.  Placement of the student in any level is at the discretion of the instructors. 
BALLET - offered to 1st graders & up in various levels
The foundation of dance. This class will focus on the classical elements of ballet, teaching students proper technique and body alignment. Classes demand high focus from the student but are very valuable to their progression as a dancer. Sound ballet technique is essential for strength, power, and execution of each dancer.
HIP HOP - offered to 1st graders & up in various levels
Focus is on the latest street styles of hip hop, including break-dancing, pop, & funk. Dancers are encouraged to push themselves to explore new movements and to understand the elements of choreography, music, and performance.
TAP - offered to 1st graders & up in various levels
Classes incorporate the classic steps of tap dancing while adding a fresh approach to choreography. Dancers learn to coordinate rhythm, agility, and musicality to execute clear tap sounds and movement.
LYRICAL - offered to 6th graders & up in various levels
Lyrical focuses on the “lyrics” of music to interpret a story. Disciplines are a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques, and students must have at least 2 years of ballet experience and also be currently enrolled for a ballet or jazz class.
KINDERDANCE - offered to ages 3 - 6 years old
A hour long ballet and tap combo class that incorporates basic ballet and tap fundamentals, terminology and technique. This class is a great introduction to dance and teaches the dancers how to take basic instruction from their teacher.  They learn short dances to fun music and get to play with props.  They also will learn basic tumbling skills.