Barefoot Dance Company
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Barefoot Dance Company Dress Code
At Barefoot Dance Company, we believe in adhering to a dress code for all our classes.  We believe that when students dress the part, they take things more seriously.  In dance, its crucial for the teachers to be able to see the dancers bodies and alignment at all times.  If your student comes to class not dressed appropriately, they may be asked to sit out of class.  

BALLET:  Black leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes.  Students can wear a short chiffon skirt (either black or pink) or spandex shorts (either black or pink), not loose fitting track shorts.  Black unitards are also acceptable.  Hair MUST be secured in a bun.  No big tutu's or 
pettiskirts allowed.  Also, no old costumes.

JAZZ: Leotard (any color), spandex shorts, and tan jazz shoes.  Unitards 
are also acceptable.  Crop tops and shorts are allowed as long as they are
dance wear.  Hair MUST be pulled back in a bun or ponytail.  

TAP: Same as jazz, along with tan tap shoes.

HIP HOP: Sneakers (used for dance, not worn outside) and loose fitting 
clothing.  Sweats, warm up pants, basketball shorts, etc.  No Jeans. 

LYRICAL: Leotard or tight cami tank can be worn with spandex shorts.  Lyrical foot undies must be worn.  Hair MUST be pulled back in a bun or ponytail. 

KINDERDANCE: Any type of dance wear is allowed.  Tights are 
recommended.  Big tutus and pettiskirts can be worn but they may be asked to 
take them off if they get in the way.  Hair pulled back.  They need ballet shoes and tan tap shoes.  A dance bag is recommend to keep their shoes in.  Please label all clothes and the inside of both shoes.