Barefoot Dance Company
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Classroom Etiquette:
            *Show your teachers respect by addressing them by "Miss" or "Mr".
            *Ask to be excused from the room when you need to leave (restroom, etc.).
            *No talking during class, ESPECIALLY when your teacher or another student is speaking.
            *Parents please don't interrupt class to talk to a teacher.  Please come before or after     
              class if you need to speak with them.  Contacting us by email is preferred!
            *Parents please respect the teachers in their artistic, executive, and administrative decisions.   
              We ask that you trust our professionalism and experience.

Barefoot Dance Company Studio Guidelines
Studio Rules:
            *Water only in the classrooms. NO SODA allowed!
            *Take home all personal items.  There is a lost and found located in the front room.
            *Clean up after yourself and be respectful of your studio.
            *All dancers must adhere to the dress code.  If students come to class without the proper attire or 
              shoes, they may be asked to sit out. 
            *No GUM in class.
            *Please be on time to class.  If a student is late they need to sit off to the side and stretch on their 
              own time.  
            *Being continually absent or tardy to class may effect the placement of the student and/or   
              their ability to move up.          

            *Parents of younger dancers are welcome to come to the 1st class of every month to observe.  
            *When you are observing class, please be respectful and don't talk to the other parents.  
            *If you receive a phone call, please take that outside.  
            *If it's not the 1st day of the month, we ask that everyone else please sit in the observation  
              room in the back.
            *When you are picking your child up from class, please don't come in until the last 5 minutes.  
              Since we are limited on time, we like to use every minute we have.